Breakout Sessions

What's Not to Like?: How to Give Less to People Pleasing, Office Politics, and Worrying What Others Think of You
Dr. Meg Myers Morgan - author, keynote speaker, college educator and executive coach

Breaking down the ways in which we strive to be liked, how we get mired down in the rumor mill at work, and how we often spend our precious energy trying to please others—family, friends, coworkers—in our life. And how harnessing the three Ps—Perception, Proof, and Purpose—can retrain our instinct to worry what others think. 

Appetite for Destruction: Creativity in the Wrong Hands
Shawn Kruggel & Winston Peraza - Cubic Creative

For many people, "creativity" is an elusive quality, a special talent they recognize in others but don't believe they themselves possess. In reality, creativity is an innately human trait, inborn in all of us. Whether we realize it or not, we all own the rights to it. We’ll talk about where creative insight comes from, why discomfort and tension are optimal and how believing in a higher purpose will drive creative insight. 

Creating a Winning Customer Experience
David Chen - Chick-fil-A at Southroads Shopping Center
DJ Patterson - EcoGreen Mobile Detailing

Join DJ Patterson and David Chen as they discuss the importance of good customer service, starting with company culture.  Sharing their industry experience and daily practices, David & DJ will provide thoughtful take-aways to help enhance your customer’s/client’s experience. 

Keeping Cool When the Confrontation is Hot
Kelli McLoud-Schingen - KMS Intercultural Consulting

Conflict in this age of polarizing views typically generates two responses – withdrawal or attack.  Neither of which is helpful in the workplace.  What if there is a third way that will help to create inclusion, community, and understanding? Wouldn’t you want to learn that way?  Join us in this interactive session and learn to keep cool in conflict!

Oklahoma Employer Hot Topics
Brian Martin - LUXA Enterprises
Kathy Neal - McAfee & Taft


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