Small Business Awards

The Connection's annual Small Business Awards honor the region's small business leaders. Nominees will be notified and asked to submit an awards packet sharing successes of their business and efforts. Award winners will be announced at the Tulsa Small Business Summit & Awards Luncheon. Winners will also be eligible to compete in the Oklahoma SBA State Awards.

2019 nominations will open soon. Stay tuned for more info.

Award categories are as follows:

Small Business Person of the Year

After years of hard work and dedication, we honor these small business owners and recognize the responses to adversity and heir staying power. This is the only category that requires an interview for finalists.

Women in Business Champion

Supporting women in business is vital to the growth of our local, regional and national economy. We want to celebrate that individual who advocates and supports the American Dream.

Entrepreneurial Success

Our only category that does not require the nominee to be a small business, this awards celebrates the vision and determination that a, current or once small, business owner has.

Manufacturer of the Year

American made at it's finest in Tulsa, our Manufacturer of the Year award thanks our local business for their advocacy for their industry, staying power and response to the changing market.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Starting your business is uphill hard work! We want to empower those young entrepreneurs (40 years or younger) past their 3rd year of business with recognition.

Veteran Business Champion

Many veterans become entrepreneurs. We want to celebrate that person who supports our veterans' energy and passion. Nominee does not need to be a veteran.

Diversity Business Advocate

Diversity breeds innovation. Honor a business or an individual who advocates for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Family Owned Business of the Year

Working with family can be fun yet challenging, especially when passing the business on to the next generation. Family-owned businesses in Tulsa are staples in our community that have overcome many obstacles.

Financial Services Champion

Finding capital for start ups and small business expansions can be challenging. We want to thank the advocate for supporting small businesses to dream big.

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