Small Business Spotlight

By: Kathleen Pence, Pence Law Firm Tuesday, January 8, 2019

What made you decide to open your small business?

I wanted the freedom to focus on the type of law, cases and clients for which I have a passion. I’m particularly interested in helping local and small business with any legal need they may have running their business. I also enjoy helping people protect their aging and vulnerable family members.

What are the greatest challenges associated with small business ownership?

The greatest challenge with small business ownership is the sense of isolation. A lot of business owners don’t feel supported in their business and don’t have a person to whom they can turn with questions and concerns.

What do you find most rewarding about operating a small business?

I love knowing my clients on a personal basis and forming relationships with them while I’m assisting them.

What advice would you give to any would-be small business owners considering starting a business in the Tulsa area?

Find a mentor or become active in the Tulsa Small Business Connection so that you may be surrounded by like-minded business owners. You will meet people who can guide you through the particular phase that your business is in, while forming long-lasting relationships with other business owners in the community.

How do your small business beginnings impact your passion for being a leader for the next generation of small business?

When I started my firm, I felt very isolated. At that time, I wasn’t a member of the Connection and didn’t have that sense of community. I know from personal experience how beneficial it can be to know and befriend other local business owners. It is so important for us to support each other.

What personal trait contributes the most to your success?

I believe my ability to see the entire picture of what my client is going through has helped me more than anything. I understand that the legal problem my client is dealing with is so much more. I know that it can affect their marriage, their children, their reputation in the community and their ability to support themselves. My client is more than a case file – they are a person.

In what ways do you work on your business instead of just in your business?

I am always analyzing my business to determine whether it functions as efficiently as possible, as lean as possible, and provides the best experience and outcome for my clients. Being willing to change processes or policies is key in giving your clients what they need.

What was your greatest learning moment since starting your business?

My greatest learning moment came when I realized that I had to put away all of the opinions others had given me about how to run my business and focus on what I wanted my practice to be. That’s when I began to focus on the areas that I’m passionate about – small and local businesses and protecting aging and vulnerable adults through estate planning, adult guardianships and probate.

Article by: Kathleen Pence, Pence Law Firm
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